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 Welcome to mohairwig.com Take a look around to learn more about our mohair and wig making supplies, see pictures of the types of supplies available, and look at our Photo Gallery of available supplies for doll making and spinning. Including raw washed and dyed mohair ,mohair weft and styling aids. Web page is currently under reconstruction I apologize for any inconvenience it has been updated with a less distracting back ground and the shopping cart is being installed. I hope you will find the new cart and checkout simple to use It will go through pay pal rather than take your credit info directly so all transactions are secure

For purchases See our new store front

There are now working buttons for the wig dyes In three sizes and many colors, And I and the curly kid fantsy color mohair. As December goes on more items will be added to the cart to streamline ordering.

  • For general questions Please look over the about us and the FAQ  page as many of the most common questions are answered on those 2 pages.
  • For an over view of the different types of fiber please see the product index page. this will direct you toward the different fibers that are currently available
  • For a quick view of all pages and their sub pages please see the site index page. This is a great help to understand how the pages are linked together and will allow you to jump between sections.
  • Many new customers have never ordered mohair before and are unsure of what texture to order , and how they want it prepared. There are pages set up to explain the terms used so you can make an informed decision.
  • I have closed the catalog site and the shopping cart is being moved to this site. I will indicate which items are in the catalog already . I am still loading all the settings but will be adding more items to it this week .
  • Due to the large number of combinations of textures, lengths  and colors not every fleece will be ready in every color. The albums will be set up so items dyed to order will have  DTO next to the item  ST  next to the item  will indicate that item is in stock ready to pack and ship.
  • The Tibetian lambskins are coming in with different curl types and not all are as curly as the ones we stocked previously . Also many of the new stock are not dying evenly .Please leave an extra couple days for dying and sorting if you are requesting a certain curl type , (such as real tight curls ) or if the size you want is not already dyed in the color you want. Some jobs are taking several tries to get the color just right.
  • To order while the shopping cart is under construction, look in the albums for what you want . email me your order and I will send you an invoice with your total and shipping charges. Eventually all but the custom orders will be through the shopping cart
  • The shopping cart works with pay pal ,checks and money orders .It will give you a screen with your order and you can print that out a copy for yourself and if you wish to pay by check or money order you can send a copy with your payment your total and shipping charges. IT will email me a copy of the orderalong with info on the method of payment you choose.
  • Insurance is now available through DSI it is required and will be added into the shipping on all orders.Cost is very reasonable and unless you have a large order you will not notice a diference in the shipping charge as it is only >50 per 100 coverage for the USA. Insurance is also used for international orders and is 1.00 per 100.00 covered

link to current albums of available products

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