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bulk dyed yearling mohair

wash fast acid dye

Tibetian Lamb skin

Icelandic Sheepskin / troll hair

make an applied wig for your doll

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  Mohair is avalable in many forms unwashed ,washed ,dyed , the locks can be purchased bulk , sorted , combed or sewn into strips called weft If you are not exactly sure what you are looking for see the photo glosary to help you choose what is right for your progect
Mohair glossary

mohair weft
this page has the mohair weft that is ready to ship and un dyed weft that is ready to dye
Mohair weft

  wool - Raw, washed locks , carded roving and wool top

  Dyes - wig dyes , Cushing's acid dyes , wash fast acid Dyes Auxiliary supplies - citric acid , sodium acetate

Tibetian lambskin
  Tibetian lambskin - Choise of many colors hair color tones or fantasy colors.

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