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Mohair products available
  Mohair is available in many forms
grease mohair also called Raw mohair
This means the mohair still has the natural grease and dirt that was on the hair when it was shorn from the Goat. Angora goats are only shorn 1-2 times per year , so the hair sold as grease will have at least 6 months worth of lanolin and dirt . Most goats are not coated as it would be a hazard while they are out on range for months at a time so most mohair also has varying degrees of vegetation and twigs, as which can include some burs and thorns. When grease mohair is sold there may be thorns or VM ( vegetable mater ) that are not noticeable to the eye, always plan for waste , I find for each lb of grease mohair 8-10 oz are left after washing all the dirt and grease off and removing any debris.
Washed mohair
This is also called scoured mohair , the lanolin and dirt has been washed out using many baths of very hot water and a mild detergent that disolves the oils and waxes
Dyed mohair
Mohair takes dye wonderfully and can be dyed to realistic hair colors or a rainbow of pastels or bright fantasy colors

curly kid mohair fantasy colors

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