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This is the the way I do a small wig if I am not using weft (when doing an applied wig also called glued wig) Read the full directions and ask questions if I confused you ! Post questions in the forum please then every one can benefit. forum link mohairwigsandweftforsale@groups.msn.com Starting at the bottom back each layer is applied and combed before the next is added. I use Fabritac glue when in a rush as it dries fast OK to wash it BY Aileen's works but is slow to dry so it is best saved for after the basic technique is old hat. Comb out the locks of hair for the main part of the wig. Spread a very thin line of glue on a glue pad (from the craft store made for hot glue but useful here as well) or a slick surface like a ceramic tile. This allows you to peel of the glued weft, when it dries. Take a lock of hair and smooth it into the glue. Really flatten it I do several in a row then go back and peal them off the glue pad. Trim the weft back so the glue line is only an eighth of an inch or so wide. I use these glued to a tiny wig cap (I want to be able to remove it as I sell these) this is all you need for a wig cap this doll is doll house size

add the mohair to the wig cap add the mohair to the wig cap

Apply a line of glue to the wig cap or dolls head , and smooth the weft in place , repeat in a circular fashion till you get to the top or side ,where you want your part . For the part using the best combed sections place a layer on a piece of writing paper Cut ends all in the same direction ( the layer will be twice the length of the part line plus enough to turn under at the end on one side so make it fairly thin but thick enough for the size of your doll )This part takes practice beginners often get it too thick or too thin the first time So try to have enough in case you have to try twice Leaving the paper under the mohair Stitch across the hair an inch or more in from the cut ends ( use the sewing machines straight stitch )close at about 14 stitches per inch. You can also place a paper on top if you are concerned about the mohair getting caught. After stitching remove the top paper if one was used. Fold the remaining paper and hair in half with the mohair in the middle still sewn to the paper. Now cut a piece of paper that will fit in the center. This will allow you to have a nice part. stitch across the folded paper with the new piece in the center just above the first line of stitching ( looking at the paper the new row of sewing should be the further away from the cut end so the first row will not show ) this is easier to do than explain!! Remove the outer piece of paper on the stitching line which is now perforated . Then the top section, this will allow the small bit that was sewn twice to release. Now you have the paper in the center. Before removing it press open the seam then you can remove the center paper press under the raw edge and using a small amount of glue glue the part to the wig. Style the wig when it is dry.

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