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starting with unsorted locks starting with unsorted locks

bulk  washed mohair ,
 Now you have it ,but what do you do with it ?
 Bulk washed mohair , that means it is washed ( many times and dried ) but not opened and combed . Mohair goes through many steps before being ready for spinning or doll hair .if you want to dye your mohair this is the time to dye it . If you comb the mohair before dyeing and do not weft it ,it will tangle in the dye pot .
Once your mohair is the color you want it is ready to comb. To  start working with the mohair you pull out a lock from the pile . Then using your thumb and index fingers of both hands and loosen it pulling gently to the sides  this widens the lock and makes it easier to brush. I then start using a wire dog brush. Be gentle, you brush starting at the very end and slowly working your way to the center ( like dealing with a tangled child's hair, remember the goats wore this hair 6-12 months with out combing) I usually spray the combed end with a mist of water , and brush one more time then turn around and do the same to the other end . This is very slow labor intense work . after combing a few ounces you will know why it costs so much more combed.

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